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Chantel Grant and GM Law Firm - Empowered Representation

When starting out as a new lawyer, Chantel Grant never doubted herself for a second. She had, however, doubted whether the legal system was designed properly and whether all consumers were getting a fair defense. It seemed to her that judges did not take credit card and student loan lawsuits very seriously. It was that realization that empowered her to pursue consumer and debt law.

Finding justice and giving a voice to the underdog were not the only reasons Chantel chose to get into consumer debt resolution. In addition to her life-long passion for law, one of her first cases inspired her trajectory. A client had borrowed $10,000 to bury her daughter after her daughter was murdered. The installment loan creditor was charging her $120,000 for her loan, including illegal interest rates. Because the creditor was unable to provide a written contract, Chantel was able to get the loan dismissed.

Feeling such a strong sense of accomplishment after fighting back against the debt collectors, and obtaining a dismissal, Chantel decided it was where she was meant to be and catapulted herself into the field of consumer defense law. Not only does she now take on cases, she takes time each week to train attorneys, legal assistants, and paralegals to make sure everyone is following the proper procedures and protocols with debt clients. 

Chantel has found that the need for education goes beyond the law firm. In addition to training, and along with GM Law Firm, LLC, she hopes to educate more judges. Often times judges have murder cases and other major criminal trials during the same week, or even day, as her debt defense hearings. It can sometimes feel that those major cases overshadow the collection cases on their docket. However, with enough effort, she has been able to help them realize that making sure creditors and collectors are held responsible and acting according to their contracts is equally important.

The firm takes a lot of pride in the fact that they have already changed many opinions on these types of collection lawsuits. It might not be as exciting as defending a murder case, or as thrilling as a high-profile celebrity divorce case, but fighting these collection cases is even more rewarding. Chantel felt amazing after that first client and takes pride in continuing to obtain dismissals and fight back against debt collectors.

She is successful because she is unrelenting in her campaign for justice, and never gives up. If her first solution is not successful, she moves on until she finds a resolution. Her ability to do so, to attack injustices from every angle, proves both how well she knows the industry and how much she loves it. So far, she has yet to find a problem that she cannot solve. The reason she fits in so well with GM Law Firm, LLC is because of their motto, “every problem is a solution waiting to be found.” Chantel continues to prove that, with enough determination, you can change both your life and the lives of many others.

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