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4 Simple Measures to Protect Yourself as a Motorcyclist

With the ever-increasing numbers of motorcyclists getting involved in fatal accidents, it’s high time we made changes to enhance safety. Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars on the road. In fact, more than half of the motorcycle deaths occur as a result of single-vehicle crashes. Older motorcyclists are at higher risk. A personal injury lawyer Ottawa can represent cases that involve motorcycle accidents. There is still a possibility to enjoy a lifetime of driving motorcycles without any injury. The key is to learn the best practices, be prepared and take measures to minimize your risks.

  • Wear protective gear

The law of Ontario requires all motorcyclists to wear mandatory protective gear. You need to protect your head with a helmet, even when travelling a short distance. Look for a helmet that is comfortable and protects you from wind, bugs and debris as you ride. Make sure it fits properly because loose helmets are known to come out during a collision and don’t offer any protection. You can even add some bright reflective tape on your helmet to make yourself more visible to other road users.

You also need to protect your body with a suitable jacket. The best motorcyclists jacket has reflective strips, is properly padded on the shoulders, elbows and spine. You should wear long pants when riding even when it’s hot. If you’ll be driving a long distance, wear layers of clothing and a rain suit. Having the right clothing can help prevent the stones, debris or other objects from causing injuries during a collision.

Protect your hands using leather gloves. Make sure the gloves do not cause your hands to slide on the controls. Choose gloves that will give you the right grip and have heavy padding to protect your hands from damage. You can also wear strong, flat boots to protect your feet and ankles in the event of a collision.

  • Go for a refresher course

Seek additional training to get more confidence and improve your safety on the road. You can take the 8-hour course offered by The Canada Safety Council Refresher Program. This program is designed to help you improve your defensive driving tactics and be well informed of the safety rules. You can also take the initiative of watching instructional videos on defense driving techniques. While on the road, don’t assume that another driver has seen you or will respect your right of way. Try and avoid riding alone. You will be more visible when riding with another motorcyclist or with a group.

  • Follow road rules

Don’t take any chances when it comes to road rules. All road rules must be followed strictly at all times. Pay special attention when the weather is bad. If you feel tired, sleepy or sick, avoid riding your motorcycle. Anything that can impair your judgement on the road such as alcohol should be avoided altogether.

  • Most importantly, make sure you take your motorcycle for regular servicing as recommended by the manufacturer.

Visually inspect your motorcycle from time to time before you use it. Having a breakdown is not just inconveniencing to you but also to other road users. If you find yourself having been involved in a motorcycle accident due to someone’s negligence, be quick to hire an Ottawa personal injury lawyer to get full and fair compensation.

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