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5 Times Hiring an Attorney Is the Right Move

Think common sense is enough to get you out of a tight spot? Or perhaps you know that hiring an attorney is the right move, but you need a gentle push to help you take the plunge?

This DUI attorney in Atlanta says, "A good lawyer is key to having success in the outcome. While a good lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean a win, it increases the chances of one. Lawyers sometimes come at a costly fee, but in the long run usually save people from the harshest of punishments or get people the most rewarding awards."

Here are the 5 times in life when you will want a capable attorney on speed dial.

  1. You are going through a divorce

Even if you feel friendly toward your ex-partner, hiring a lawyer should be the first move you make after your decision to separate.

You need expert advice on the division of assets, as well as whether you are entitled to any of the income that your spouse currently makes.

Child custody issues also are complex and require a person with subject-matter knowledge. Additionally, child support should be handled by a family attorney who can help represent your best interests.

Not only will hiring a divorce lawyer help you avoid mistakes as you navigate the legal system. But it will also reduce your stress during a this emotionally charged time.

  1. You want to get your affairs in order

Writing a will might seem straightforward enough. But what about when you have a sizable estate and many assets that are tied up in various holdings?

Also, laws vary from state to state regarding power of attorney, wills, trusts, and other related matters. Family relationships can be complex. For example, if you are in a second marriage, or have minor children. A lawyer will be able to give you tailored advice if are recently divorced. Or if you want all your assets to go to someone other than your children and directly related kin.

Without hiring a lawyer, the documents you prepare on your own could tie up your estate and cause a large portion to revert to the government.

  1. You are adopting a child

Lawyers who specialize in family law can help guide the adoption process and help you feel confident at each stage. They can inform you of procedures and prepare you if the adoption will be contested. Or if the case has been classified as "high risk" and hearings could prevent the adoption from taking place.

Various laws and regulations govern the adoption process in the US. Hiring a lawyer can increase your chances of getting a favorable ruling.

  1. You were injured by someone due to negligence

Have you been injured due to someone else's carelessness? This is a time when hiring a lawyer could mean compensation and getting your medical bills covered.

Did the injury occur while on someone else's property, or in a store? Then there is the possibility that the injury occurred due to the home owner or shop keeper's negligence.

A lawyer can tell you if your case is one that has a high chance of success. As well as the next steps to take to help with your claim. In most personal injury claims, there is a statute of limitations that one must adhere to. This statute specifies the window of opportunity during which you can file your claim.

Lawyers often suggest that you take accurate records of your injury or sickness. As well as to get the names of anyone who can serve as a witness of the event.

  1. You were charged with a DUI

Being convicted of a DUI can have repercussions that go beyond a license suspension and fines. For example, your insurance premiums could climb, and you may need to engage in court-mandated community service. Or possibly participate in drunk driving education programs. Or do jail times.

But among the consequences, having a DUI on your record is something that most employers can find if they engage in background checks. This can impact whether you get hired or not.

A DUI lawyer can suggest ways to fight a DUI that have been successful. For example, prove that the arresting officer made an error or challenge the evidence the officer used when making the arrest. Fighting a DUI case has its challenges and should only be undertaken with an experienced lawyer who can help with your defense.

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