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What to Ask a Bankruptcy Lawyer Before Hiring One

Filing bankruptcy can be quite daunting. In fact, nobody knows what’s waiting for you at the finish line. While bankruptcy is considered a legal process, it involves state and local laws that are both complicated and straightforward to handle.

That’s why hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can help you deal with the situation and make sure that the process is resolved smoothly.

However, getting the right lawyer can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Here’s what you need to ask a bankruptcy lawyer before hiring one.

Any Available Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Asking about any alternative to bankruptcy can help you determine a lawyer’s knowledge and expertise in the field of law. By opening up the topic, you’ll be able to know if they can provide a potential solution to your problem.

Once they have explained the alternatives, they can make comments regarding the bankruptcy options and provide you with an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Also, take note that a lawyer’s explanation should be easy to understand.

Valuable Years of Experience in Handling Bankruptcy Cases

Knowing how experienced a lawyer is can provide you an idea whether to hire them or not. With all the paperwork required in filing for bankruptcy, their specialization in such an area can be an advantage.

Before contracting one, it’s important to note an attorney’s number of bankruptcy cases successfully handled and the difficulty of those cases. That way, you’ll know how devoted they are to handling bankruptcy cases.

Also, it’s also essential to understand how up-to-date a lawyer is when it comes to all the changes in the state and federal bankruptcy laws.

Communication with the Client

It’s understandable that lawyers handle a bunch of cases every day. It’s worth it to find an attorney who is dedicated to you and will give your case the adequate personal attention it deserves.

Inquire how much time they can personally allot to handle your case. You can also ask them how long it will take them before you get an update on your situation.

Make sure to ask about the methods of communication both of you will be using once you’ve decided to file for bankruptcy. Clarify if it will be through text messages, phone calls, emails and other correspondence. Doing so will provide you an idea as to how and where communication should take place.

Overall Service Charge

Asking about the total service charge can be saved for the end of the conversation. In fact, whatever type of attorney you’re going to hire, it’s expected that you pay for their services.

While you may be facing significant financial distress, it’s best to inquire how much they usually charge for a bankruptcy case similar to yours. In some cases, lawyers bill on an hourly basis while others charge a flat rate.

Considering your current financial situation, make sure to clarify if the fee includes consultations, legal representation in all stages of the litigation and even the preparation and filing of paperwork. At the end of the discussion, make sure you have understood the services and the corresponding fees a lawyer provides. Also, assess if the services they offer can fulfill your expectations.

Remember that asking lawyers about these questions can provide you an insight as to whether you have found the right one for your bankruptcy case. While your financial health is at stake, take advantage of these simple tips before hiring one. If you can get the most qualified lawyer, you’ll have higher chances of getting a successful resolution of your case.

Michael Lawson is a specialist bankruptcy attorney who has helped many clients in the past move past their bankruptcy. He currently writes for In his spare time, he likes to enjoy downtime traveling with his family.

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