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5 Warning Signs That Your Elderly Relatives Are Receiving Improper Care


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When our relatives get older, they aren’t always able to stay in their own homes anymore. As a result, we’ll move them to a nursing home to ensure they can get round-the-clock care from professionals. It’s at this point that they somewhat relinquish control of their lives. It’s now up to others to ensure they are kept in a healthy state, and we’ve got to periodically check that this is the case. If you’re concerned that your relatives are being treated improperly, and you need to take further action, read on.


If you notice any mental changes to your relatives, they need to be monitored carefully. Depression is one that can set in no matter what the circumstances. Moving into a home is never pleasant for anyone, so don’t jump to hire a nursing home negligence lawyer just yet. Fear and anxiety are much more worrisome issues. If you notice that they are genuinely fearful of those around them, you have to wonder how they are being treated. Keep a close eye on how they react to staff when talking to them and take further action if necessary.

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If they seem completely exhausted and tired, what are they getting up to on a daily basis? Are they being forced to exercise more than they should be doing? Are they being asked to do tasks that shouldn’t be their responsibility? It might just be that they are feeling drained from the entire experience of being in the home. If this is the case, you need to talk to someone about changing their routines.

Unsociable Behavior

Have you noticed that they are making friends in the home, or staying secluded in their own area by themselves? If it’s the latter, it might be that they just don’t get on with people in the home. That’s not necessarily a case of improper care, either. Sometimes, people just don’t gel with others when placed in a group setting. You might need to consider moving them to a different home or talking to staff about alternate options.


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Physical Injuries

You don’t need me to tell you that if they have experienced physical injuries of any kind, that’s a very big warning sign. Check for bruises, cuts and anything else you might be suspicious of. You must get an answer as to why this has occurred. If you aren’t satisfied that it was just a simple mistake, take further action immediately. This is definitely a case where bringing in the lawyers is advised.

Safety Hazards In The Home

On one of your regular visiting trips to their nursing home, survey the entire premises. Always be on the lookout for anything that doesn’t look quite right. If you’re noticing hazards that could put anyone at risk, you need to make staff aware of them. Again, if you’re concerned that this isn’t a one-off occurrence, you need to take matters further. Safety is of paramount importance, especially when the old and vulnerable are involved.

If you’re noticing any of these signs, seek help from a malpractice lawyer.

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