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Your Essential Guide To Getting Through A Divorce

If you’re in the unfortunate situation of being in an unhappy marriage and you and your partner both want out, then don’t worry. Help is at hand! Getting a divorce is a terribly time-consuming, stressful and unwanted experience - we get that. So, with that in mind, here is our essential guide to getting through a divorce. We hope that it can make things that little bit easier.

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Talk Things Through First

Have you had a massive fallout that has sparked the want for a divorce? If so, then it may be worth taking a step back, cooling down, and seeing if that is what you both really want. A divorce is by no means irreversible, you can get married again. However, not many couples do after separating. With that in mind, it is definitely worth talking things through first to ensure that a divorce is right for you both. If this was just another argument that got out of hand, then work together to sort things out and repair your relationship. Arguments are one of many common reasons for divorce where it can be avoided. You could come out of it stronger by fixing things! Alternatively, this may have been the last straw for the pair of you, and now a divorce is inevitable. If so, ensure you are both 100% committed to the process of separation - it is lengthy!

Decide On The Custody Of Any Children

One of the first issues that comes with any marital breakup is the custody of the children. Women are often in a position of power in this case, due to their role as the mother. However, you could both arrange a private agreement, without the need for the law to intervene. If so, then you may be able to both share the custody of your kids. This is, obviously, best for the children. Having both and mother and father figure is undeniably beneficial for all young people. So, think of your kids when settling this argument. If the two of you can’t agree on things, then help is available online here at as well as at any number of local law firms should wish to act on the matter in person.

Sort Out Finances

Any matter of divorce can be resolved privately. However, if the couple is no longer amenable, then this can be a serious struggle - especially when finances are concerned! The major issue is normally what is to be done about the family home. Does it need to be sold? Does one person hold the right to it over the other? Normally, marital laws insist that property is to be split 50-50. However, a private arrangement can supersede this. Some divorcing couples will have their family home valued, sold, and split the costs of the sale. You can get your house valued online at This is great, but it will mean the two of you having to downsize. Plus, if you have a lot of children, you’re likely going to need a bit more space, so this will prove problematic. Try to resolve things together, without legal intervention. Just stay strong and fight for what is fair.

Ultimately, we hope this guide has made your divorce that little bit easier for you. If you need any more legal advice, then contact us directly!

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