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A Look at the Most Common Causes of Divorce

Let’s face it—no one thinks they’ll get divorced when they say “I do,” but a high percentage of all marriages these days end with a divorce. Whether you’re already married or planning to tie the knot in the near future, there are things to look out for in every potential relationship. Take a look at these common causes of divorce and avoid them at all costs if you want to make your marriage last.

  1. Bad Reasoning

Are you truly marrying for love . . .or something else? Research has found that those who start off their new commitment for reasons like money, peer pressure, or accidental pregnancy are in the danger zone for a break up. The best way to avoid this? Be patient and don’t ignore your gut feeling. If you’re truly going to be with this person for the rest of your life, taking some time to make sure they’re “the one” won’t hurt.

  1. Lack of Communication

There’s nothing that can tear down a marriage (or any relationship, for that matter) faster than a lack of communication between partners. If you’re not talking to your significant other, you’re not able to solve problems, build intimacy, or truly connect. Remember communication is about more than just talking. If you’re a bad listener, this will cause just as many problems, if not more. Couples with different communication styles will have to work harder to make sure they find ways to hash it out with their partner, or be warned—divorce could be on the horizon.

  1. Affairs

Infidelity is another common cause of divorce. After a betrayal such as an affair, many couples have a hard time regaining trust and putting their faith back into the relationship. And remember that not all affairs are physical—inappropriate emotional connections can hurt just as much and do intense damage to a marriage. The only way to keep infidelity from turning into divorce is to listen, communicate, and perhaps talk to a good marriage counselor.

  1. Money Problems

Money is the root of all evil—and many broken marriages. Money leads to divorce when partners don’t agree on how to spend it and aren’t able to overcome these differences. It can also be a problem if one person controls all the finances, or if unemployment suddenly occurs. Financial problems lead to extreme stress, and that can take a major toll on even the happiest marriage.

  1. Losing Intimacy

Intimacy is so much more than sexual contact. It includes holding hands, hugging, or even simply patting your partner on the back. Physical contact is important because it is a way to show your spouse you care for them without using words, and when it is absent from a marriage, it may be time to re-evaluate your options. A simple touch sparks amorous feelings in a person, and this intimacy is essential for a relationship to survive in the long haul.

  1. Differing Interests

Maybe you two did everything together when you got married, and now you see each other for ten minutes before bed, if you’re lucky. It’s no secret that people change as they grow and experience new things, and it just might happen that you two grow into differing interests. This leads to divorce when the two partners end up living separate lives and don’t share their experiences with their spouse.

Have one of these common divorce reasons shown up in your marriage? If so, you should do your best to fix the problem if you still love your spouse, but if things just can’t be worked out, it may be time to contact a good divorce attorney.

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