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What You Need to Know About Different Types of Attorneys

You may think all attorneys are alike. They all have a law degree, right, so they can cover it all, can't they? But it's not true. Just like doctors specialize in one thing or another, so do lawyers. You wouldn't go to your dermatologist when you have a sore throat, so don't hire the wrong attorney to do the work you need. Let's take a look at some of the different types of attorneys there are and the specific work they do to help you find just the right one.

DUI Lawyer

Whether they are DUI attorneys in San Francisco or DUI attorneys in Tampa, FL, these guys are going to be doing just about the same thing. These are the lawyers you hope you never have to call, because it means either you or your loved one has been charged with a DUI. However, if this does happen, you want to get the right lawyer to help you out, and a DUI lawyer will be the one. You want someone experienced in this field who is familiar with the DUI laws and how cases are tried. Look for someone with a high success rate and who knows what question to ask. A DUI is a serious thing, and can change your life. A good DUI lawyer can make a huge difference.

Estate Planning Lawyer

This type of lawyer will come in handy when you are planning your wills and trusts. Even if you don't think you have the type of money to have an estate lawyer, you still may want one to draw up your will and other related paperwork. If you have children, it's important to think about these things and make sure that if something happens to you and your spouse, they will be well taken care of. An estate planning lawyer can help in this area.

If you do have the kind of money to set up trusts and estate plans, this lawyer will help you decide what is right and best for your finances and your family. It's tough to do this on your own, so hiring an estate lawyer is a good idea.

Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer will help you out if you own your own business. This type of lawyer will be able to advise you in the formation of your business and general corporate issues regarding your business.

Employment Lawyer

Whereas a corporate lawyer can help you with your own business issues, another type of lawyer will help you if there's an issue at work. This is an employment lawyer. For instance, in the case of sexual harassment, seek an employment lawyer. Of if you are fired without good reason, maybe it's age discrimination, seek the advice of an employment lawyer.

Some Tips on Choosing the Right Lawyer

Before you hire a lawyer, see if he or she will take a few minutes to talk with you about your needs. Yes, lawyers charge a lot, and usually by the hour, but they should give you a consultation at no charge. They may not give you tons of information on your case, but you should get a grasp of who they are and how they will approach your work you need done.

When choosing a lawyer, make sure you check their credentials, like their background and education. You may want to ask how many cases they've tried similar to yours if you are going to court, and what their success rate is. If you are going to court, how will you handle fees? How long do they expect the case to last? These are some types of questions you may want to ask.

No one really wants to hire a lawyer, whether it's settling a DUI case or creating a will; none of it is pleasant. There are still more lawyers than the ones listed above, family lawyers for custody and divorce, personal injury for when you are injured through someone's else's negligence...the list goes on. When you think you need a lawyer, find out what type and then do the research. Finding the best lawyer you can get is a great step in getting the best result for yourself.

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