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Ask these questions before shaking hands: A Questionnaire before hiring a Criminal Attorney

Imposition of criminal charges can be life-changing experience. It is mentally, physically and emotionally draining and consuming. Not only that, but it can also negatively impact the academics, college life, a career as well as the personal life of the one facing the charges. If you are facing such charges, it is highly recommended to appoint a criminal defense attorney as promptly as possible, as time is extremely critical in criminal cases. Consult Galveston criminal defense attorney to help you deal tactfully and wisely in such tough times.

Fix an appointment with the attorneys you have shortlisted. Try meeting them in person before you finalize. Carry necessary documents such as police reports, bail papers, any document received from the court or any investigation report. Also, if you have any witness ready, that can help your case gain strength. The attorney, at his or her end, needs to assess your case and be forthright about the fact that whether they have the expertise and enough time to devote to the case. The attorney must also assess whether there is any conflict of interest.

Listed below are a set of questions that one must ask before finalizing an attorney to fight your case in the court.

  1. What is the attorney's background and experience?

Assessing the probability of the success of your case is imperative. If the attorney has a good experience in dealing with murder and homicide cases, but you are facing DUI charges, then you might want to give a second thought before choosing the attorney to fight your case. The experience and background of the attorney should be in line with the criminal charges that you are facing. Some other questions that one must consider in this regard are: Academic qualifications, which law school did the attorney attend? Tenure of practice and frequency of courtroom appearances, is he or she familiar with the charges similar to the ones you are facing?

  1. What is the attorney’s assessment of your case?

Ask the attorney about the legal options that you have, which aspects of your case favor you, any loopholes or concerns in your case, what are the procedures and formalities you need to go through, etc. Irrespective of the degree of the charges you are facing, you would want the attorney to rightly assess your case and give you a clear idea of what to expect.

  1. How will the attorney manage your case?

In this regard, ask the attorney if he or she has the sufficient time and workforce to dedicate to your case, how many persons will be working for the case, the means of communication, and court representation.

  1. What will be the attorney’s requirement from you?

The attorney will need essential documents, witness, testimonies, and other relevant information from you. Get a clear picture of the attorney's requirements.

  1. What are the legal fees?

Ask the attorney whether he or she charges a flat amount or hourly rates, what the flat charges include, the scope of installments and advance payment, and expenses beyond the applicable fees.

Know your questions thoroughly to avoid any conflicts in the future.

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