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Winning a Semi Truck Accident Case Requires a Sound and Solid Strategy: 7 Pieces of Evidence That Will Help You Prevail in the Court of Law

Semi-truck accident cases can be a long, confusing, and complex affair that can physically and mentally drain both you and your personal injury lawyer. It will be difficult to navigate such a case in court especially without a better understanding of the processes involved. Information is the lifeblood of all legal matters. And collecting enough evidence is key in this process. Here are 7 pieces of evidence that will help you.

  1. Witness Statements

Ask around if there were any witnesses when the accident happened. You’ll need to have their contact information with you. Witnesses are a material to the case. They’ll help you prove the other driver’s wrongdoing before the court hence raise the chances of winning your claim.

  1. Records from Employer

You will lose wages amounting to the time you spent away from work for medical purposes and the time you spend claiming compensation. Or you may not get back again depending on the extent of the injuries caused. “This is bad. What am I going to do now?” Well, lucky for you, there are many personal injury lawyers like the semi truck accident lawyers of Keller and Keller who can help advise you on the best options to take.

  1. Police report

Police always write a report containing the details of the accident. It contains information of the drivers, vehicles involved, casualties, witnesses, date and location of the accident. Your personal lawyer should get a copy of this report as it will be useful in your claim.

  1. Pictures

Take a lot of pictures showing both the damage to your vehicle and injuries caused. Have pictures of the vehicle before and after the damage to show the extent of the damage. Consult an attorney experienced with auto injury claims to help advise you on the possible amount to include in your claim based on this piece of evidence.

  1. Truck Operation and Service Report

Many accidents occur due to negligence by the truck driver or the company. The truck could be missing some of the critical safety features or hasn’t been serviced for a while. The driver could’ve also assumed the set sleeping times and instead stayed on the road. You can hardly obtain this information on your own. Your lawyer will help you accomplish this.

  1. Medical Treatment Records

It is difficult to determine the value of the pain and suffering during auto injury claims. But with medical bills, it will be easier to estimate the value using the cost of medication you received from a medical professional. Ask your doctor to help you come up with a life care plan showing future medical necessities and hence the associated costs.

  1. Property Costs

Apart from your vehicle, what other property was in the car when the accident happened? Was the property damaged? What was the cost of the property? You should consult your attorney to help you on how to go about determining the cost estimation of the property damaged. These will help you get compensation for all the property damaged.


You deserve to be compensated for injuries, damages, and other losses caused by a negligent truck driver on the road. Collect as much evidence as possible and rest assured of winning your claim. Auto claims can be confusing and challenging and you should consult an experienced injury law attorney to help handle your case.

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