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Here’s Why Bail Bondsmen Are Vital If You Are Arrested

When you are the subject of an arrest warrant, it is an incredibly harrowing and stressful time for everyone involved. The process is scary because there are a lot of things that you don’t know when you are facing criminal charges. And, you face the prospect of spending time in jail, which is enough to break anyone’s resolve. The only option is to post bail and get out jail until such time that you have to face trial if it goes that far. For most people, a bail bondsman is a necessity and here are a few reasons why.


The process is quite simple. A family member or friend goes to the bondsman and tells them that they don’t have the bail money. The bondsman will happily pick up the tab, as long as there is an agreement to pay them back in the future. Most bondsman won’t demand the cash instantly after you post bail, which makes it affordable. You, or your family, can work out a payment plan that gets you out of jail and that also doesn’t break the bank. Depending on the amount of bail, you could be sat in a cell for months without the help of a bondsman.

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Simplify The Process

The process of applying for bail is not something most people understand. That is understandable because the majority of the public don’t find themselves in that position. Unfortunately, you are in that position and you need to learn and learn quickly. A good bail bondsman will walk you through every step and tell you exactly how to act.

Save Time

Bail bondsmen work quickly. A good bondsman will even be waiting for you at the jail at the time of your arrest. That way, they can post bail as soon as possible and get you back home without muss fuss. The longer you are in jail, the more effect it has on your mental well-being. Hiring professionals like Afford A Bail Bail Bonds is the best way to complete the process quickly and efficiently.

Don’t Lose Job

The fact that you can spend months in jail can have a profound effect on your life outside of prison. For one thing, you can lose your job. No employer is going to put up with an employee who is behind bars and cannot come to work every day. From a purely financial perspective, it is bad for business. And, it also looks bad for the company because firms don’t associate themselves with criminals. Simply put, if you are not in jail, you are not a felon. You can go about your normal life as if there is nothing wrong, such as going to work. That way, you don’t have to worry about losing your job and the extra financial implications.


Get Out Of Jail

Without money for bail, you are going nowhere. That means you will spend the foreseeable future in jail waiting to be processed. And, proceedings can take weeks, months, even years before they go to trial. Let’s face it, you don’t want to spend months in a jail cell when you could be at home instead. The experience of being in jail only adds to the negativity and stress that you want to avoid. To win your case, you need to be positive and tackle the charges bullishly.

They Make You More Comfortable

Obviously, being at home is more comfortable than being in jail. At the time of your arrest, your comfort may seem insignificant, but it means a lot to the overall case. When you are comfortable, you are clear and concise in your decision making. You think rationally and act without desperation. If you want to win, you cannot be desperate. The best defendants are the ones that are not easily manipulated or ruffled by the opponents. Lawyers are brilliant at being smug and making you take the bait, which is more likely when you are verging on a mental breakdown.

Build A Case

Building a case with your lawyer is hard enough, but it is almost impossible when you are in jail. They can only visit and talk to you during specified hours, which puts a strain on the case. Plus, everything you talk about is being monitored, so there is no attorney-client privilege. The key to building a good case is communication. When you are at home or on the outside, you can communicate much more freely and cover all the details more thoroughly. And, you can help your case too. You can do research and make phone calls with regards to the case to help your lawyer find possible leads that could make the difference. Prisons don't have extensive research facilities, so the chances of making a breakthrough in jail are very slim.

Better Chance Of Winning

The direct result of building your case from the outside is that you have a better chance of succeeding. Everything depends on the strength of your arguments if it goes to trial and you have to try to convince a jury that you are innocent. Cases that are built when the defendant is in jail are much weaker than the ones that are built when the defendant is free. Again, the process is more organic and much easier to navigate when you are not in a prison cell. There is no doubt that you want to increase your chances of winning. A bail bondsman will increase your chances of getting out by a factor of ten.

Confidential Help

No one likes to brag about the time they spent in prison because it is not a nice time in your life. You want to forget about it and move forward into the future. When people know about your experience, it is incredibly difficult to do as they won’t let you forget. As a result, confidentiality is essential. You want everyone involved to maintain your secrecy, something most bondsmen do without blinking. They understand that your agreement is confidential and they will keep it that way until you say otherwise.

If you are ever arrested, the bail bondsman should be your first port of call.

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