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The Best Legal Practice Areas For Law Students

Are you considering a career in law? Does the idea of heading off to university and getting qualifications seem appealing? Then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll have to specialise in a certain area of law to ensure you get the right training for your chosen profession. Knowing which practice area to select can be tough without experience. That is why we’ve published some information about the most popular choices on this page. With a bit of luck, this article should help you to make an informed decision that is right for you.

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Don’t make the mistake of limiting yourself to the areas of law we mention if you have specific interests. It’s important you find a legal niche that suits your talents and skills. For instance, unsociable people should avoid working with families because you need to appear warm and caring. Likewise, people with strong opinions should avoid the criminal side of the law. Sometimes you might have to represent guilty defendants who’ve committed terrible crimes. You can’t let your personal feelings get in the way of the service you provide.   

  • Corporate law

There are thousands of large corporations out there that pay huge legal fees every single year. Disputes can arise in any area of their business, and resolutions are expensive. People with the right skills could make a fortune in the corporate law area. Just be warned that each case will involve a lot of research. Also, you’ll need to build a good reputation before you attract the largest companies. It’s possible to get started by looking for internships with established organisations. You can then learn the job while you earn after getting your qualifications.

  • Family law

Family lawyers have to handle cases relating to divorce, child custody, and other stressful issues. That means a lot of your clients might experience emotional distress. It can take a lot out of you when people are crying in your office all day long. However, family law is the perfect area for professionals who want to help society. Your work will help to make sure children grow up in the best possible environment. Also, you can earn a decent wage if you have the right attributes.

  • Criminal law

People who want to give something back should consider a career in criminal law. You can decide whether to prosecute or defend plaintiffs depending on your personality type. Professionals who don’t mind getting aggressive in their approach should focus on prosecution. Those with more empathy should select the opposite side of the fence. The best thing about working as a criminal lawyer is that you will help the local community to stay safe. There is something very satisfying about taking dangerous people off the streets or ensuring innocent people can go home.

  • Injury law

Injury lawyers work hard to make sure people get the compensation they deserve following accidents. The public has a legal right to seek representation and take their case to court. There is a lot of money in that practice area at the moment, and so it’s great for people who want to retire early. However, there is always a lot of paperwork involved, and getting paid is often difficult. In most instances, you will take your fee from the awarded compensation following a successful case. That means you might struggle to get your money if the claimant fails to satisfy the judge. That said, there is no reason you can’t ask for your payment upfront. Just bear in mind that most people don’t have thousands of dollars in their savings accounts.

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  • Bankruptcy law

The global financial meltdown caused many businesses to close. Going bankrupt is a complicated process that needs a lot of care and attention. Working in that area of law will mean you have to get the best outcomes for your clients. They might lose their homes and all their assets when a company goes bust. It’s up to the lawyers to negotiate a deal that allows them to keep their heads above water. Due to the current financial situation across the world, there are a lot of people seeking this service. That means you won’t find yourself out of work anytime soon.

  • Civil rights law

Most people like to think we live in a fair and compassionate society. However, there are still many issues that affect minorities in this country. For that reason, becoming a civil rights lawyer could be a fantastic move. You would help to make improvements to the law, and the way in which governments treat the people who live here. Your actions could help certain people who fear persecution to live a happy life. There is a long way to go before our society is entirely equal. You might become the facilitator for some major positive changes.

  • Immigration law

With the situation in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, immigration law might seem appealing. People living in this country have few concerns because we are surrounded by ocean. However, lots of refugees will try to gain access soon via Indonesia and New Zealand. Considering that, becoming qualified in the subject could mean you enter a very important field. Governments around the world have to alter their attitudes to immigration due to the current crisis. That means there are many opportunities for people like you to improve the situation. Even refugees need legal representation.

Those seven areas of law are currently the most popular among university students. As we said at the start of this post, there are many others you might like to consider. Just make sure you select a practice area that is going to make you feel fulfilled. There is nothing worse than heading off to a job you hate every single morning. It can take up to five years to become qualified as a lawyer, and so you have a lot of time to make your selection. However, it helps if you know the areas in which you want to specialise ahead of time. That will help to ensure you get only the most appropriate training and education.

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