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How Life Saving Child Stickers Are Being Used to Increase Road Safety

In Australia, there’s a new program that was launched not very long ago with the intention to increase road safety. As unique as the program is, there is some amazing logic behind it that warns the driver to maintain speed and drive safely on the road. You must be thinking what this new road safety program involves.

In this article, we’ll discuss what has made this new road safety program so widely popular across the country and what is so unique about it. If you want to any legal advice regarding implementing this campaign in your area, you can reach out to

The Road Safety Program

This road safety sticker program is launched by the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ASRF). According to the organization’s chief executive, Russell White, the use of these life-sized stickers is expected to increase road safety because they have an amazing visual impact that is difficult for the drivers to ignore.

The program actually involves the use of life-sized children stickers. These stickers are placed on the bins kept on the sides of the streets and roads. The thing about these stickers is they look like a child is about to cross the road and it sort of warns the driver, making him slow down his car and watch out what’s in front.

Why Is This Campaign Effective?

Drivers usually concentrate on road signs and speed limit signs that are placed on the roads. But they cannot associate a human face with either of these two things. The use of these stickers, which are large enough to attract attention, provides that human element that has been missing from other road safety measures that are employed. That’s why this campaign is so successful.

The most effective use of road safety children stickers is in the suburban areas where you think you know the roads you drive on every day, and that makes you unprepared for any possible surprises on the road.

Why Is This Sticker Program Needed?

The Bureau of Infrastructure and Regional Development reported that the number of road accidents in a year has risen dramatically from 223 in 2014 to more than 250 in 2017. If the statistics are taken into account, you will see that these road accidents take place mostly on the weekdays in the daytime when the children are trying to cross the streets. So far, the campaign has received great acclaim and praise from the people. 

People say that when they see these children stickers, it warns them more than any road sign can ever alert them. Also, this sticker program is a great way to educate drivers and make them keep their eyes on the sides of the roads from where children can come running, trying to cross the road.

Although numerous road safety programs have been implemented in the past that involved graphic advertising, this one has been the most popular one because it has a unique visual appeal and a creative approach that cannot be ignored by the drivers.

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