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Stop Drunk Driving With These Four Self-Help Tips

Over the years, drinking and driving statistics have become increasingly depressing. In fact, according to the data presented by the Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD), the highest percentage of drunk drivers are between ages 21 to 24. It is then followed by ages 25-34. In another heartbreaking statistic reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 29 people die in the US every day due to alcohol-related crashes.

Alcohol is known to produce several effects on such as increased self-confidence, euphoria, compromised judgment and lack of self-control. With so many reported fatalities bought by intoxication, here are helpful ways how to prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Drunk Driving is a serious criminal offense

Almost every country in the world has a specific law made for drunk driving.  Penalties may vary depending on the seriousness of the offense and other factors such as alcohol reading or whether or not the driver has previous driving-related convictions. Sentences can range from paying hefty fines to imprisonment.

In fact, according to this website, there will be situations wherein the police can confiscate your vehicle. Other charges can also include indefinite disqualification or a zero alcohol license after the disqualification ends. Depending on the circumstance, a driver can also have the option to apply for an alcohol interlock license. It usually involves a breath test machine that is directly connected to your vehicle's ignition to prevent drunk driving in the future.

Be a responsible drinker

Drunk driving can be prevented.

Most commercials of alcoholic beverages that you hear on the radio, television and online have the words, “Drink moderately" as well as “Drink Responsibly." However, some people choose not to follow these warnings and drink more than what they can take.

If you know that you're going out to a party with friends or attending a social function with colleagues and alcoholic drinks will be served, plan your transportation ahead of time. See to it that once you're heading home, you shouldn't be the one behind the wheel especially if you've taken any form of alcoholic beverage.

Self-discipline is a huge factor especially if you're out enjoying a party with your friends and colleagues. However, having a small sip might be tempting enough, especially if your old buddy from college may become too persuading. Before you know it, you're drunk.

So better plan ahead. Call a taxi or a person whom you trust to be your designated driver. If your home is quite far from the venue, make arrangements ahead of time with a friend or a relative if you can spend the night over. If you're going out with a group of friends, talk and agree among yourselves who will be the driver for the occasion. For safety reasons, see to it that the designated driver doesn't drink during the event.

Tell someone to hide your keys   

You're attending a social gathering, and you know there will be lots of drinking going on. One way to avoid driving while you're under the influence of alcohol is to tell someone to hide your keys if ever they see you drinking on the said event. Doing so will prevent you from being arrested with DUI charges. This will stop you from having a fatal accident that can harm yourself or others.

Similarly, if roles were reversed and you see your friend intoxicated, never hesitate to hide his keys. He might become aggressive about it, but he will be thanking you for it once he's sober. Instead, offer to call a cab or drive him home yourself.

Don’t drink

Perhaps, this is by far the simplest solution to avoid drunk driving. Avoid any form of alcoholic drinks altogether. You can opt to drink non-alcoholic beverages instead like a seltzer or a soda. If ever someone offers you to drink, politely decline and come up with an excuse. If they can be pretty persistent, you can tell them that you can't drink because you're the designated driver for the evening.

Save a Life Today

Think about it, every time you decide not to drive behind the wheels when you're drunk, you're not just saving your own life, but other people's as well. Choose to stay over a hotel or a relative's house for the night or have a sober, designated driver who can bring you home safely.

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