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Involved in a Car Accident with Injury? What You Need to do to Protect Yourself

Being involved in a car accident can be an event that changes the trajectory of your entire life. An injury due to a car accident can be tough to deal with as the injury might not be your fault at all. In the case of involvement in a car accident that resulted in injury where the other driver is at fault needs to be managed carefully. The best thing that you can do is to have a plan before an accident occurs. Laminating this plan and putting it in your car can allow you to make the right decisions even if you are flustered immediately following the accident. The following are tips for people that have just been in a car accident that will allow them to protect themselves.

Do Not Admit Fault Or Distraction Under Any Circumstances

The officer investigating the accident scene is going to get witness statements and make their own judgement. Do not say thar you were driving distracted or even tired as this will be included in the accident report. Most of the time you might not know what happened due to being blindsided. Speak carefully and only tell the officer the facts that you know are true, not what you think happened.

The insurance company is going to have to be a call you have to make. They are going to ask various questions in an attempt to avoid paying out on your claim. Much like speaking with the officer you just need to read the accident report as that is all that is relevant. Do not add other details and keep the conversation about the accident alone, not what you were doing before or where you were going.

Speak With A Personal Injury Attorney NOW!

The Injury Lawyer San Antonio is the perfect example of the type of attorney you need  to hire. Hiring someone with experience during trials and with all kinds of accidents needs to be done. This legal representation you pick will directly impact the amount of compensation that you receive from the lawsuit. Take a look at previous case results as this can allow you to see what injuries receive what type of settlements.

Document All Medical Treatment You Have Received

You could be seeking compensation to help you with the medical bills resulting from the accident. You want to make sure you are not going out of pocket for something that was not remotely your fault. This will also include treatment plans so you can show these to your attorney. There is a plethora of information an attorney needs to create a reasonable settlement number that you both agree upon. If not offered this amount it will mean that the case will be taken to trial.

Do Not Post On Social Media About The Accident

Avoid posting anything on social media about the accident as it could be used in court. If you are claiming that you are suing for an injury from the accident, do not post pictures of you enjoying an active day with friends. This might not seem relevant but the attorneys for the insurance companies frequently do anything they can to prove there is no significant injury. They can even take photos of you in your home moving furniture so make sure to keep physical activity to the minimum. This will also help you heal and cut down the time that you have to rehab your particular injury.

Car accidents can be one of the most stressful events you can encounter. Take the time to set out a plan of what to do after a car accident as you do not want to make a wrong decision due to being in shock.

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