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What To Do When You’re Left Out Of A Will

When you are involved in the life of someone you love, it can be hard for you to deal with their death. It can be even worse when you are left out of their will. Because of this, you need to make sure that you have asked an attorney to help you. You cannot complain to the attorney who executed the will, and you cannot go to the family members to ask them what to do. You need an attorney to tell you what to do.

Hire A Lawyer Instantly

You can contact an UpchurchLaw Florida will contest attorney when you need to investigate your claim against a will. At this point, you should not do anything except hire your lawyer. Anything that you do when you are angry or upset could cause you to lose any case that you have. Let your lawyer figure out what happened when the will was written, why you were left out, and what you might have been offered.

Were You Given Anything In The Will?

You need to make sure that you have not been given something in the will even though it is not what you wanted. There are times when you received something small in the will, and your lawyer will want to know why that is all that you got. Plus, that tiny amount might have been used to prevent you from filing a claim against the will.

You should let your attorney find out why that amount was offered, and your attorney can begin to investigate any previous versions of the will that might have given you more.

Do You Have Previous Versions Of The Will?

There are cases when you might have a previous version of the will. You might have knowledge of a previous version of the will, and you should let your lawyer know what you were told. Because of this, you need to make sure that you are completely honest with your lawyer. There are times when people have the wrong idea about what they would have been given in the will, or they could have been lied to.

What Happens When Your Lawyer Has Evidence That Favors Your Claim?

Your lawyer can file a claim against the estate of the deceased. The claim will be recorded by the court, and you can ask the court to give you what you think you are owed. You could ask for damages because you faced a financial hardship when you were left out of the will. You might ask for a portion of the estate that was stolen from you, and you could request damages from the person who convinced our loved one to change their will.

Can You Settle The Case?

Ask your lawyer if they can settle the case for you. You can negotiate a settlement that satisfies both partners. Plus, you need to remember that this process takes time. Let your lawyer speak for you because they have experience negotiating these settlements. Plus, you should ask the lawyer about how long they think it will take to settle the case.

Your lawyer cannot make any guarantees, but you can get an idea of how your case will be litigated.


Once you have contacted your lawyer, you can truly investigate why you were left out of a loved one’s will. You can ask for damages when you have been left out of a will due to deception on the part of a family member, and you can receive what you believe you are rightly owed. However, your lawyer needs substantial evidence to file a claim. This is why you need to contact an attorney immediately.

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