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7 Common Causes of Car Accidents That May Surprise You!


Drivers who are involved in a car accident will experience several unfortunate consequences, more so the victims of the accident. According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 1.35 million people who die due to car accidents annually. Even more heart-wrenching is the fact that it is the leading cause of death for people who are aged five to twenty-nine years old.

But, are car accidents preventable? We would like to extend our help in making you understand what are the common causes of car accidents. With this list, we expect you to learn some preventive measures for car accidents.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

All of us do not want to cause or experience a car accident. These causes may be preventable, but how did these misfortunes happen? Are these all due to human error? Let’s find out from the list.

Bad Weather

Bad weather is a cause that is out of our league, we cannot control the rain, snow, or sleet. Although the weather is not a predominant factor in car accidents, it can be a precipitating factor. Most car accidents that happened due to bad weather are from unexpected drizzles or rainfall. Accidents due to bad weather can be easily preventable as weather is predictable. So if you have to go for a long drive, always prepare accordingly by listening to the weather forecast.

Distracted Drivers

The top cause of car accidents is a distracted driver. A distracted driver loses his or her focus from the road as he or she does something else that has his or her attention. These drivers are usually on the phone, texting, or eating. Among the distractions, mobile phones have become the most growing concern for the cause of car accidents.

Approximately four of the drivers who use mobile phones while driving will most likely be involved in a crash. The reason behind this is, drivers will have a slower reaction time and it makes focusing on the correct lane and following distances difficult for them.

The number one cause for accidents is easily preventable, isn’t it? Why don’t you put down your phone when driving? If it is an important text or call, make a stop on the side to answer it.


Another common cause of car accidents is overspeeding. We mostly see this scenario on the news, or we see them driving past us on the road. Many of the drivers would claim that it is irresistible, but we should remember that speeding is our responsibility. We know how this may turn out, yet we do it anyway. Most car accident fatalities are from speeding.

Accidents due to overspeeding are easily preventable. If you’re speeding to avoid being tardy, all you have to do is to leave early to avoid running late for any of your appointments. Be keen on the road for those who are speeding past you on the highway. Stay in your lane, and maintain the speed road limit. It is best to arrive at your destination slow and safe than you do it quickly with a high chance of being caught in an accident.

Beating the Red Light

When you beat the red light, it may result in a car accident. Drivers who beat the red light most likely experience major injuries or even death. Often, accidents of this nature are caused by a side-impact collision. Thus, to avoid this kind of accident, it is best to follow the stoplight and every other traffic rule like a good citizen.

Ignoring Road Signs

Every road sign should not be ignored. These are placed in places where accidents often happen. When you encounter a stop sign, stop and look for oncoming cars before proceeding. Drivers who ignore road signs will likely get involved in a rollover accident or side-impact accident.


Driving Under the Influence

Annually, more drunk drivers have caused grief and tragedy. When you are intoxicated with alcohol or drugs, your senses get impaired, which results in decreased reaction times and muscle coordination. In every state, there is a legal limit for driving under the influence. The driver’s BAC is checked. A BAC of 0.06 to 0.10 has reached the level of intoxication.

It is possible to prevent drunk driving. If you are drinking with friends, make sure to assign a designated driver, or someone who will remain sober behind the wheel. Some states install an IID to the cars of DUI offenders. An IID is a  key-ignition lock on the car with a breathalyzer attached. Every driver should be educated about driving under the influence to eliminate these terrible auto accidents.

Teenage Drivers

Based on the statistics, the majority of car accident victims are teenagers. Driving is not recommended for teenagers. Teenagers are inexperienced and reckless, they do not know what to do. They underestimate situations that lead them to dangerous situations.

Parents can prevent their children from danger by enrolling them in licensing programs. Through these programs, teenagers can gain experiences in a low-risk condition.

It is Best to Know

The best way to prevent road accidents is to be alert at all times while on the road. If you are a motorcycle rider, always wear a helmet. When you choose to go on the road without a helmet, it is risky and irresponsible. Helmets are a protective measure against serious injuries, and even death.

For car drivers, it is best to keep focused on the road and maintain a decent speed. As a driver, in any kind of vehicle, we should be proactive about our safety and the safety of the people around us.

Unfortunately, no matter how seriously we take these preventive measures and information, if there are people who do not care about their surroundings, we may still get involved in a grave car accident. If some misfortune happens to you on the road, please contact a car accident lawyer.

Car accident lawyers are the best companion in this hard time. They wish that more people can understand how these causes are preventable. It is every driver’s responsibility to be keen on the road. If you are in need of a car accident lawyer, don’t hesitate to visit

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