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Know the basics of claiming worker compensation in Australia

If you are planning to work anywhere in Western Australia, then you will have to be well equipped with a precise idea of the workers' compensation rules and policies there. That’s because accidental injuries during work, injuries due to someone, some machine, the management or other factors at fault, are unfortunate incidents and yet not uncommon.

Knowing your rights as the worker, so that in case of such an unfortunate event you can fight for your rights, get claims settled etc. is a must. Most importantly knowing what you are entitled to as the worker in the region is a must. The more you gather the knowledge you will know where you can challenge a decision, a situation, a compensation, etc.

The first question you would come across is how to lodge a claim

Lodging a claim involves some steps, and they are as follows: -

  • First, you need to inform our employer either in writing or verbally that you got injured at work, and you must do this as soon as possible.
  • Next, you must get the First Certificate of Capacity from the doctor you see.
  • You will have to fill up next the WorkCover WA Worker’s Compensation Claim Form.
  • Then you should present the claim form and doctor certificate to your employer.
  • The employer would next send your documents to the insurer to claim for you, and this must be done within five days of receiving documents from you.
  • After the submission of the documents to the insurer, they will let you know by next 14 days about the status of your claim.

Now, claims like these get accepted and settled only when the accident or injury happened during the worker’s employment tenure in the organisation, due to the employment in the place. Such an injury refers to disfigurement, disease, mental or physical damage, increase or worsening of any old or underlying illness from the past.

Knowledge of workers comp Perth is essential to work and fight for a cause when you are in need. You will be able to handle your case or of another fellow worker in need. And in case you are facing issues with the compensation claiming, you can always contact a lawyer. But before contacting a lawyer, you must check with the adherence to the points mentioned above, and realise how accurate and strong your case is.

What are the compensation types?

An injured worker can get four main types of compensation based on the type of injury and physical and mental state: -

  • Weekly payment compensation
  • Compensation for medical treatment and related expenses
  • Rehabilitation compensation
  • Lifelong impairment compensation

Based on the seriousness of the situation and state of injury, impact of injury on body and health and life, the compensation is decided. The main four types are stated above.

Wrapping up

As a worker in Australia, you have the right to know about compensations and claims, and you have the right to claim for compensation.

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