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Caught up with the wrong divorce lawyer – Five useful rules to avoid it

Legal cases are never easy! They bring in several complications and challenges. However, once you sail through it, you can benefit manifold. Of all the family law cases, divorce cases tend to be a challenging one. Of course, separation is never a happy occasion. It brings in emotional as well as legal complications. However, when you have the best family law attorney, you can address all these and have the case go in your favor.

If truth be told, it’s mostly the early stages of divorce and separation that causes stress and pain. It is where thought clarity and smart decision making goes into oblivion for a while. The apparent desire is to sail through it all fast and make everything end soon. And this stress and haste sometimes make people get in touch with the wrong lawyer. It not only has a boomerang effect on the case, but also on the client. It increases tension and anxiety, as the corrupt lawyer will do everything wrong eventually. Do you have a divorce case at hand and you want to reach out to an expert attorney? If yes, you can go ahead and Contact an attorney at Vanden Heuvel & Dineen.

Selecting a divorce attorney

The process of choosing the correct divorce attorney is essential. It is necessary as it decides your legal case's outcome. But even before that it the right lawyer ensures that the court hearings also go well. An ace lawyer works in a way that he/she can churn out a favorable outcome at the earliest. So, when things go wrong, it’s only natural to change your divorce lawyer. It can be expensive in the middle of a legal case proceeding. But what is essential here is the correct treatment of the divorce case at hand.

How to stop hiring the wrong family lawyer for your divorce?

Nobody wants to waste time by appointing a wrong person to the job. Here are a few useful ways in which you can save yourself from selecting an inexperienced divorce lawyer.

  1. Recognize the probable requirement for divorce lawyer very early – Are you sure you want a divorce? Or are you still in two minds about it? However, if you are very confident that a separation inevitable, then it's a smart call to start speaking to a divorce attorney at the earliest. It will help you to save time and get on with the paper-work as well. If you wait for a long time, you will have to make way with the divorce lawyer that has time. And this doesn't ensure that you are reaching out to the best in the business. Therefore, start early, interview divorce lawyers and select the one who can do justice to your case.

Furthermore, if your spouse has filed in a divorce petition first, know which firm he/she is interacting. Chances are this firm will be reluctant to serve you. So, you need to look for some other legal firm.

  1. Make sure that you only reach out for the best sources – Do you think it's enough to do a Google search on the best divorce lawyer? The answer is no. It is because this Google search will only help you come across the divorce lawyers with the leading websites. And this doesn't necessarily promise that the lawyers have the best skills. Word of mouth publicity is always useful when it comes to finding the best divorce lawyer. And for this, you ought to depend only on the trusted sources.

If you want you can check with the practicing attorneys and financial advisors. Usually, they are aware of the skilled divorce lawyers. You can even take recommendations from your known ones who've undergone a separation.

  1. You must join hands with a specialist – Have you been referred to an attorney who excels in divorce cases and family law? Usually, these people tend to be the best lawyers you need to join hands. They have years of knowledge and experience. It makes them address and manage your divorce case very seamlessly. If a lawyer keeps himself/herself updated with the changing law trends, the person might help you win your legal divorce case.
  1. Always ask essential questions to your attorney – Questions are a path to clarity! So on your first consultation with your divorce attorney, you can come prepared with a list of questions. An expert attorney will appreciate the problems as he/she will be able to understand the clarity that you seek, before appointing him/her as your divorce lawyer. The questions usually include the following:
  • How long has the lawyer been practicing family law and divorce cases?
  • How does he approach each case?
  • How is he going to approach your divorce case?
  • What is his victory ratio?
  • How many fees need to paid upfront as an advance? And how much consultancy fees will he/she take after the legal formalities get over? And will there be any extra costs involved after the legal case?
  • Is there any situation that makes a part of the retainer fees refundable?

All these questions will enable you to understand the expert level of the lawyer. Just in case you don't feel satisfied with his/her answers, you can wait and rethink your decision.

  1. It’s essential that you discuss inventory

Once you’ve had the initial meeting with your divorce go ahead and mull over the following questions:

  • Are you relaxed and comfortable with this lawyer?
  • Is there anything in the lawyer that makes you feel intimidated?
  • Is the attorney a good listening or he merely talks about his accolades?
  • Did the lawyer tell you anything you probably didn't want to hear? If yes, then it's a good sign. The ace attorneys will not sweet talk you. They will inform you about a few unattractive facts that hold true for your legal case.
  • Did you feel in any way that the lawyer will, in reality, approach your legal case in complete liberty?
  • Did the attorney indicate any hidden fees?

And last but not the least, you need to go ahead with your gut feeling. It could be that your lawyer is a couple of cases old but has a good reputation, and your gut has given him/her a vote. Chances are he/she will be an ace divorce lawyer. All these guidelines will help you change your divorce lawyer if you somehow get paired with the incorrect one.

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