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Do you need to contact an Immigration lawyer right now?

Although most people know about immigration lawyers and the role in helping people get their citizenship or visas, people do not usually approach them since they do not know when they need the help of a legal counsel. Since immigration lawyers work independently from the US immigration authorities and the immigration laws of the US are federal, anyone can hire the immigration attorneys from another country. In fact, you can hire a reliable and reputed immigration lawyer right now, if you are facing troubles with visa extensions, US citizenships, and green cards.

There are times when we are tempted to wait a while before we call a professional. However, does your situation allow that kind of a deferring? Or, are you facing any of the issues we are about to mention below? If it is the latter, then find the contact of an immigration lawyer’s office immediately and ask for a meeting.

  • You are not sure about the eligibility or status of your green card. You are unsure about the other immigration benefits that come with it.
  • You have tried and failed to get a USCIS green card or citizenship, but you want to try again.
  • You have been living, studying and/or working in the US for quite some time. You have received a deportation notice. Instead of deferring the process and waiting for the last date, call an immigration deportation lawyer immediately for help.
  • You are in need of political asylum. It calls for the particular attention of the immigration officers and an exception. Asylum or waiver applicants need attention that other applicants do not receive.
  • You are having trouble with a specific immigration-related matter, and you need immediate help or advice.
  • Your country's law has convicted you of a criminal act, and you want to enter the US for protection. You need protection against future removal from the US.
  • You have a job position in the US, but your employer is refusing to help you with the immigration process.
  • You are living in the US, and you want to move your family as well. However, you are not getting assistance from your employees.
  • You have tried to apply for immigration, but the application forms and documents are too many to manage. Immigration lawyers usually help with the extensive and confusing application process as well.
  • You want to apply for an investment-based visa that requires extensive legal assistance.

In most cases, the first consultation with an immigration lawyer is free. You will be under no obligation to continue the professional relationship. At the same time, under the legal obligation, the lawyer should keep your case details private. During the first free consultation, the lawyer will try to explore as much detail as possible about your current circumstances. However, you should try to hire a reputed professional if you have pending deportation cases, history of a criminal offense or urgent requirement of an asylum.

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