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The Do’s and Don’ts of Event Security

The Do’s and Don’ts of Event Security

It’s always a good idea to have a reasonable amount of security on-site for any type of event, be it a small gathering or one that’s on a large, community-wide scale.

But just having a security presence at your event is not enough. You need to be absolutely certain that the agency you hire is well versed on what their agents should and shouldn’t be doing during the hours they’re working your special event.

Safety, of course, should be the number one priority. But there’s much more that goes into making an event safe for attendees, vendors and anyone else who might be stopping by.

What Should You Do?

  • Get Acquainted With The Venue. One of the most important things your security team can do to prepare for a special event is simply to show up ahead of time and familiarize themselves with the location. Have them learn the intricacies of the venue, as well as exit strategies in the case of an emergency, the schedule of events and the location of any emergency medical equipment.
  • Prepare For Medical Emergencies. Ensure that the security team knows where the nearest hospital is, as well as what to do if a medical emergency arises. Many security guards are trained for medical emergencies, and it might be a good idea to at least have one or two on-site who can deal with such an event. You can also look to hire an EMT for your event that is a qualified first responder.
  • Set Up A Security Station. It’s a good idea for attendees and others to have someplace they can go if they need assistance, for whatever reason. It will certainly add a level of safety and security to your event, and will also put your security team out there in the open for all to see.
  • Sweep The Room. If your event includes any big audio/visual presentations, it’s prudent to have guards sweep the room to ensure that all information is secure and that attendees feel safe at all times. Many Private Investigators provide this type of service, also known as bug sweeps.

What Not To Do

  • Don’t Leave The Security Team Out Of The Loop. If you’re hiring outside contractors to provide security for your event, make sure that they’re included in the planning process and that they have plenty of time to prepare for the big day. You’re hiring them to keep your event safe, so you should include them in all parts of the process.
  • Don’t Have Security Dealing With Small Issues. As much as possible, you want the security team dealing with larger issues and focusing on personal safety. If possible, have staff members or volunteers dealing with problems that are small in nature and leave security available to deal with issues that they’re specially trained for.
  • Don’t Let Proper Identification Be Bypassed. Particularly if your event is a large conference where sensitive information is going to be shared, have the security team ensure that everyone is carrying proper identification at all times. Let attendees know that they will need to have ID badges, if applicable, or other forms of identification to show the security team upon request. The security team is there to ensure safety for the event, and this is a big part of many such gatherings.

Don’t Overreact. Security officials often prepare for the worst, thus it’s easy to think negatively toward certain people or events. It’s good to be prepared, but don’t be paranoid and begin thinking that the worst is inevitable. Be sure that everyone on staff, and those hired specifically for the event, are prepared and won’t be caught by surprise, but don’t focus exclusively on what has very little chance of actually occurring.

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