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Top-rated workers’ compensation attorney wins a $235,000 settlement after an 18-month litigation

A top-rated Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney just closed the deal for a $235,000 settlement after 18 months of intense litigation. Michael Chakrian, an attorney on the C&B Law Group team, successfully handled the case of Thomas Blak. He was an experienced silicon plant worker who, after years of exposure to toxic chemicals, began to develop severe respiratory problems. However, the insurance company refused to accept his workers' compensation claim.  Forcing him to fight for his rights as a worker. After a year with no significant progress, things turned around once he decided to work with C&B Law Group.

Thomas had worked at the silicon plant for over 20 years, unconcerned about the long-term consequences of dealing with toxic chemicals. "I never thought about it. I always did my job as well as I could, no complaints", he said, " One day, the plant started having chemical leaks, and again, I didn't mind. But after a few days, I began having breathing problems and it got worse and worse every day".

Faced with his condition, Thomas decided to notify his employer about his health issues and received a hostile and unkind response. "I told my supervisor that I was having a hard time breathing lately, and he just mocked me and said I should stop drinking. I had to insist for several days before my claim was taken seriously".

Finally, Thomas managed to get an appointment with the company doctor, who, after examining him, informed him that his lungs were very deteriorated, possibly due to some kind of intoxication. "The doctor told me that I was poisoned and that I needed an expensive treatment to save my life. So, I thought if this was due to the plant, I could afford it through workers' comp’," Thomas said.

However, things weren’t so simple. Thomas duly filed his claim and waited for the insurance company to review it. After a few days, he was notified that his claim had been denied, arguing that his health issues were not due to industrial causes and that his alcoholism and diabetes were at fault.

"I couldn't believe it. After so many years of service, I thought they were like family, but they didn't care about me at all," Thomas said in a sore tone, "That's when I decided that if they wanted a fight, I would give them a fight. I hired the first lawyer I could find and thus began that long struggle".

After a year with his first attorney, Thomas felt stagnated. The case wasn't going anywhere and his patience was wearing thin. "My first attorney meant well, but he didn't do enough to get things done. I decided to fire him, and soon after, I met Michael from C&B Law Group, who ended up being my savior", he said. 

Michael Chakrian, an experienced workers' compensation attorney and prominent member of C&B Law Group, took on Thomas' case. After analyzing the situation, Chakrian noted that the insurance company's stance was "abusive" and meant an "attack on the rights of a reputable worker".

"It was something extremely difficult. The insurance company refused to accept that Thomas' damages came from industrial causes," Chakrian said, describing the case, "It took us 18 months of intense litigation and negotiation, but in the end, our fight paid off. We proved that the injuries were undeniable, and we settled for $235,000".

After being compensated, Thomas got the treatment he needed and went back to work as usual. "The team at C&B Law Group is amazing. They are professionals who never give up, no matter the odds. I’ll always be grateful to them," he concluded.

If you need a workers' compensation attorney, consider C&B Law Group as your first choice, you won't regret it.

This law firm specializes in personal injury, employment law, and workers' compensation claims. Their team of legal professionals have dealt with hundreds of cases similar to Thomas', and they have the knowledge and dedication typical of top-rated attorneys.

Plus, they have an exciting philosophy: "you don't pay unless we win”. So, at the end of the day, you have nothing to lose, but yet have everything to gain.

Working with C&B Law Group might be just what you need to get the compensation you deserve. They offer free consultations and are available to answer your questions 24/7. Don't hesitate, contact them as soon as possible. 

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