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Steps to Take if you Have an Accident Abroad

If you’re away on holiday or conducting business abroad, you want your time away to be as hassle-free as possible. However, planning and preparation only goes so far as there are some incidents that are beyond your control. Although being involved in an accident abroad is unfortunate, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. You may even be eligible to receive holiday... ❯❯❯

Evicting a tenant for smoking cannabis: where there's smoke there's fire!

Discovery that a tenant in a property you own is engaged in any form of illegal activity is rightly a cause for concern for landlords, but when the activity in question is smoking weed, many landlords are unsure exactly where they stand or what action they can take. In the UK, illegal drugs fall into one of three classes with A being the most harmful and attracting the greatest penalties and C... ❯❯❯

What Changes to Personal Injury Claims Mean For You

Suffering an injury that is not your fault is far from pleasant. Previous and current legislation recognise the importance of making it simple for someone who has been injured by the negligence of a third party to address the matter and seek compensation. No win no fee: a history No win no fee arrangements with legal firms as we now know them, were originally born back in 1995. The difference... ❯❯❯

Dr. Oz Sued over Natural Remedy Sleep Tip

Not since Dr. Phil, has another one of Oprah’s guests been able to experience such popularity with their own program as Dr. Mehmet Oz on the “Dr. Oz Show”. He simply has a way of presenting medical information in a Layman’s terms (a feat unto itself) while incorporating light humor and infectious charm. Indeed, it can be pretty hard to keep people interested in things like why you should eat more... ❯❯❯

How to Select a Lawyer

Lawyers offer specialized knowledge and experience to help you through some of the biggest decisions in your life. Given the importance, you should have complete confidence, both professionally and personally, in your choice. Whether your problem is business or personal, seek a “personal fit”. Initially, identify the type of legal problem you face and then find lawyers with experience and... ❯❯❯

Lawyer Advice - How To Find And Seek Legal Advice From A Lawyer

With the explosion of the internet, finding the lawyer that you need for your case just seem to be the next natural thing to do since the internet is the leading source of information. Not only that, the Internet also provides the necessary information that you need about the lawyers to engage the right person to take on the case. By doing a search in the search engine, you will get listing of... ❯❯❯

How to Select a Patent Attorney

Could you use a little help protecting your invention? If so, an attorney skilled in patent law is your best bet. As you can imagine, conveying your invention to someone who knows nothing about it will be difficult. Therefore, it is best if you are in direct contact with your patent attorney. You can meet in person and show the patent attorney any prototypes or drawings you may have to help... ❯❯❯

Attorney-Client Privilege

Privileged Communications Solicitor-client privilege is the legal protection given at common law to communications between lawyers and their clients. Since the privilege belongs to the client and not the lawyer, only the client can waive it. As a result, lawyers have a legal and professional obligation to refuse to make disclosure of privileged communications, except where the client has waived... ❯❯❯

If You Have Been In An Accident, Do You Need A Lawyer?

If you have been in an accident, whether at work, in an automobile or under some other circumstances, you may be wondering if you need to seek the advice and counsel of an attorney. On one hand there are the advertisements by lawyers on television that insist that you need their help to protect your rights. On the other hand, the insurance company that is handling your claim may insist that they... ❯❯❯

Medical Malpractice Law: An Overview

Medical malpractice law is a branch of personal injury law that deals with pain and suffering coming as a result of gross mistakes, negligence or bad judgment on the part of a doctor, hospital or other care provider. There are a number of issues the courts will address before deciding whether medical malpractice has occurred. For example, they must determine whether the care provider was... ❯❯❯

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