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5 States With the Most Lenient Gun Laws

There has been a lot of media coverage lately concerning stricter gun control laws, mainly revolving around the many school shootings over the last several years, starting with the highly publicized Columbine High School incident of 1999. And several states have gone out of their way to limit the use of automatic, semi-auto, and other weapons since then, not to mention the sale of ammunition and... ❯❯❯

3 First Steps You Must Take After a DWI Arrest

It can be a frightening experience being arrested for drunken driving - an offense that is technically known by the term Driving While Intoxicated. You realize that you stand to lose your license and want to do whatever you can to minimize the severity of the penalty to pay. If you find yourself caught up in a DWI arrest, you should do your best to fight the charges against you. The outcome... ❯❯❯

New Manila Law Protects Children From Hazardous Toys

Regardless of what country parents choose to live in while they raise a family, the urge to ensure the health and safety of one’s children is pretty much universal. And most parents expect, and rightly so, that the toys marketed to children have been expertly designed, well crafted, and thoroughly tested to ensure that they’re not going to pose any kind of hazard to the minors that... ❯❯❯

Accident Claims in Schools on the Increase

The news is awash with reports detailing the growth of a compensation culture in the UK, with headlines tending to focus largely on the increase in personal injury claims arising from car accidents. One of the lesser reported, yet increasingly worrying trends, however, is the dramatic rise in the number of accident claims in schools over the last five years or more. It appears that the... ❯❯❯

5 Benefits of Hiring an Expungement Lawyer

If you have a criminal conviction or arrest history, you may want to consider having the record “expunged”. In order to do this, it is wise to hire a professional expungement lawyer who can help to guide you through the process properly, legally and successfully. Here are 5 benefits of hiring an expungement lawyer to clear your criminal record. An expungement lawyer can help you to... ❯❯❯

Reviewing The Stafford Nhs Scandal: How Quality Healthcare Got A Whole New Meaning

So much has been written about the Stafford NHS Scandal. So much so that our trusted peers in the United States have begun seeing large sections of their newspapers dedicated to the scandal. What’s so interesting about the NHS is that the NHS was looked at as a perfect model for healthcare by other countries. Countries around the world strive to provide free healthcare and model their system... ❯❯❯

How To Make A Products Liability Claim

A recent Sherlock Holmes episode got our team at thinking. In the episode the “bad guy” basically gets control of the victim’s pacemaker and threatens to change the speed at which the pacemaker is working thereby killing the victim. Now, though this pace maker was manipulated by a third party, had this pacemaker malfunctioned on it’s own, a lawsuit for... ❯❯❯ and Pharrell Williams in Legal Battle over Music

It’s certainly not rare to hear about some kind of disagreement transpiring between recording artists. And sometimes, when matters cannot be amicably handled, they end up becoming frontline news fodder that results in a lawsuit, or at the very least, a cease and desist attempt. Unfortunately, this would appear to be the case between Black Eyed Peas front man and mega-producer... ❯❯❯

Obama Faces Legal Challenges in Effort to Cut Greenhouse Gases

Global warming. It’s an issue that affects all of us, mostly due to its long term effects including the spreading of diseases, the increased probability of droughts, floods, hurricanes and wildfires—all of which ultimately lead to economic crisis as well. And so, if there’s one thing that most can agree on, it’s the fact that something must be done about it in order to keep... ❯❯❯

Legal Issues Surrounding Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

There is no doubt that cord blood banking is changing the face of the way we heal some of the most incurable diseases. Cord blood, if extracted directly after birth from the placenta and then stored right away, can cure a number of genetic diseases and disorders, from diabetes to heart disease, and even cancer. However, just like people were up in arms after the invention of electricity, people... ❯❯❯